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Undoubtedly, any course with Yogi Sivadas will be life-changing for each and every spirit. Before arriving in McLeodganj, I understood the yoga teacher training course would be a transformative experience but had little idea on how my life would be impacted. I still recall Yogi Sivadasji telling us, "A leader is not someone who teaches his students to follow him or even someone who asks her students to join an organized group...A leader shows her students the path to their own liberation." From the Yoga Teacher Training to the Ayurvedic Massage Course to the Sound Healing Treatment, Sivadasji truly helped me discover how I can take charge of my path towards liberation.

Further, what you will get out of Yogi Sivadas is the experience of a true Guru. He will not attempt to sell a particular brand of yoga; instead, he claims that when yogis truly commit themselves to the spiritual path of yoga, they're able to realize how, at its core, yoga has no brand. He encourages his students to work at a steady and comfortable pace, always reminding us that while yoga does challenge us, it also exists to relax our body, mind and spirit.

In addition to practicing yoga in a physical form, we had a daily routine of discovering and practicing yoga in its devotional, philosophical and service-related aspects. Because the Western world has a history of appropriating spiritual practices and detaching these practices from their roots, you will receive an authentic and thorough understanding of yoga with Yogi Sivadas. I am incredibly grateful for Yogi Sivadas's teaching of yoga as a means for individuals to understand their dharma (or duty in life) as socially and environmentally conscious human beings. Namaste.

Sheena Sood
Philadelphia, PA, USA

I did the Advanced Yoga Teacher Training and my experience was great. I think Yogi Shivadas brings the best from yoga according to the international standards.

Living at the Himalayas is a wonderful experience and the yoga hall is perfect for practicing, learning and sharing. I highly recommend it and certainly would come back.

Isis Montemayor Garza
Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico

Arriving in McLeod-Ganj I didn't know what to expect. I had ideas of a crazy yogi putting me into a pretzel and attaining "perfection" in every asana. As soon as I met Yogi Sivadas and heard his big laugh I was put at ease and felt at home. No he didn't put me in a pretzel! He taught me more than I expected. He taught me to have patience in my practice. He taught me it isn't about perfecting a pose esthetically, its about honoring where your body is at and being there, practicing from that place.

He helped me connect to the divine within. His deep knowledge in philosophy and history of yoga were astounding. Not to mention his ability to have a sense of humor! If you are thinking of coming to train with Yogi Sivadas, stop thinking and just do it! You won't regret it, and you'll walk away a changed person.

Chelsea McCooey

Yogi Sivadas is a true guru! The knowledge gained throughout the course has opened my eyes to a new way of seeing.I have now have even more respect for the human body and feel truly blessed to have had Yogi Sivadas guide me through my yoga awakening.

Kristi Thomas.

contact: www.smoovegrl.com

My time at kailash school of yoga has been fantastic. The asana classes happen at a really good pace. You are taught to listen more to the flow of your own body, not to over push and over stretch as it common in western yoga practises. I have seen a huge improvement on my physical strengh and flexibility over my month of TTC.

Yogi Sivadas is the real deal, completely honest, open and full of so much beautiful wisdom, it has truly been a blessing to be part of his course. It was really amazing to study the true origin and purpose of yoga, studying patanjalis yoga sutras and Indian philosophy has really opened my eyes to a new way of thinking.

Thank you Sivadas for creating such a wonderful course.

Lucy Carter

I enjoyed Yoga with you very much! The Advanced Yoga Teacher Training (ATTC) course gave me everything I had hoped for and so much more! Not only am I more strong and flexible than ever before but I have received the knowledge to understand more about what yoga is : Yoga chitta vritti nirodha ( Sutra 1.2 of Pantanjali ). You really did change my whole outlook of yoga, and completely converted me to its benefits.

I also liked very much that you were able to demonstrate the asanas so well and explained what we can do beyond our own limits.
I also appreciated your chanting. The time passed so fast in the lesson because you made it so interesting

I feel privileged to have received all that I have from this course and I really look forward to being able to share it with other in future.

Namaste !

H. Mohanlal ( RYT 500 )

Founder : Hatha-Yoga-Eindhoven
Email : info@hatha-yoga-eindhoven.nl
Website : www.hatha-yoga-eindhoven.nl
Mobile : 0031(0)652184993

Brooke and I came to McLeod Ganj in the Fall of 2009. After meeting with 3 Yoga teachers and speaking with many students in the area, we were happy to begin our Yoga Teacher Training retreat with Yogi Sivadas. I remember appreciating his candor and disciplined approach immediately. I was also impressed with his personality and realistic, gradual curriculum. “No over pushing!”

We enjoyed the consistency of practice and the variety of subject areas, especially the chanting and singing, memorization of Sutras, and the two Asana practices each day. I think my mind and body have been changed for the better based on this practice, but as Sivadas points out the practice of Yoga is always ongoing. Overall I would say this experience has opened me to a world of experience and consideration that had been somewhat veiled before.

During our month of practice, we also had Tuesdays free to explore the Himalayan Foothills and to enjoy the different cultures of Northern India.
Lastly, the Yogi Cottages are a quiet, comfortable place to stay. The good atmosphere made it easy for us to focus on the Yoga practice, but we were always able to visit the town when we wanted. It was also great to have dozens of Golden Eagles soaring above our back balcony almost every day!


Ben Canady
ISA Certified Arborist
RM 7405A
Facebook: Brooke-Ben Canady

I appreciated Sivadas' emphasis on taking it easy and practicing at a reasonable pace without over-extending, knowing that this actually helps us to progress much more quickly.

I enjoyed the weaving of contemporary environmental/nutritional/socio-political awareness into the context of yogic practice. I think that touching on these subjects is very important, for it provides perspective and motivation to lead a dedicated practice in today's world.

Sivadas' good-natured sense of humor was always present to keep things yogic. I can see that it serves him well and I will remember it as I go on to teach others.

Thank you Sivadas! You're a great teacher.


George Atherton
website: www.viradical.com

The journey I started for the YTTC on 01st March and ended on 29th March 2011 was for me an extravaganza voyage within 4 weeks I traveled from the Indian Mythology, Indian Philosophy, Patañjali Yoga Sutras, Ayurveda to Yoga Anatomy and the Modern World. On this path I had a great Teacher Yogi Shivadas who shared all these knowledge with me and the other students.
The daily chanting, practice classes, theory and discussions created a moving and soothing balance of physical and meditative learning that have changed my yoga practice and my everyday life in unexpectedly meaningful ways.

With Yogi Shivadas my practice changed; it became more mindful and focused you made me think more about myself and less about what everyone else was doing.

I will never be the same person again because of the joy, wisdom and balance Yogi Shivadas shared.

Namaste (OM Shanti)

Mailing Address:
Miranda El-Shentinawi
P.O. Box 95011, Abu Dhabi – UAE
Physical Address:
Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT) – Green Lakes S2 Apt. no. 1906
Dubai – UAE
Mobile: +971 504750713
Email: shento40@hotmail.com

I learnt a lot from Yogi Sivadas both in terms of asana practice and philosophy. I not only learnt about yoga but also a lot about life. Plus I got to live in a very beautiful part of India.

Dr. Namit Katoria

website: www.yogasutra.org

Doing my 500 hour teacher training at the Kalaish tribal school was an awesome experience for me as a teacher and a person. The accommodations are modest but more than adequate, clean and comfortable. The instruction was thorough and Yogi Sivadas shared a wealth of knowledge that effected not only the way I saw yoga but also the world. I learned so much during teacher training that I extended my stay to take the Reiki, Ayurveda massage and sound healing courses. I have been pleased with each of them so far. I am excited to return home to continue teaching and I have a ton to share with my students from this experience.

Dia Johnson Age 37

Georgia - USA

I followed the 200 hr YTTC with Yogi Sivadas. Situated in serene and scenic Dharamsala, Kailash Tribal Yoga School is perhaps the cleanest and most comfortable studio in McLeod Ganj. Yogi Sivadas encourages his students to recognize their own limits at the intelligent edge of ego, and teaches a gentle practice that is suffused with compassion and which encourages the practitioner to invoke the strong determination necessary to complete such an intensive course while at the same time always respecting physical limitations.

I recommend this training for any self-motivated practitioner who is interested in all 8 limbs of yoga, not just asana practice. Yogi Sivadas is also an amazing chanter! The Bhakti yoga was a wonderful way to start each day of practice.

John Ford

P.O. Box 500
Station D
Ottawa, Ontario
K1N 8T7

The TTC with Yogi Sivadas is a great expirience, to learn the teachings for childs, beginners & advanced students in Hatha & Ashtanga Yoga.

The lessons about Yoga Philosphy, Indian Traditions & Anatomie are very complete and I had a graet time at this wonderfull place. Thank you again very much Yogi Sivadas for all your inspirations.

Kiran TTC Nov.2010
website: www.gayatri-yoga.net

Taking Yoga Teacher Training with Sivadas at the Kailesh school was a fabulous, mind expanding experience. The asana classes helped to solidify my personal practice and the daily lectures taught me all the ways in which yoga is more than a physical activity. I will always be grateful to Sivadas for opening my eyes!

Brianna Sloan, RYT 200 . Canada

Studying in the Himalayas at Kailash School of Yoga is about so much more than becoming a certified yoga teacher. Yogi Sivadas is a humble, learned mentor, whose compassionate attitude permeates your practice and life outside the yoga studio. I cherish the experience and friendships cultivated there.

Dr. Stephanie Alice Baker
website: www.yoginisaraswati.com
London, UK.

Yogi Sivadas is a great teacher with much wisdom to offer, I learnt so much about myself and the world during the 200 hr training. It really did change my life. I think differently, eat differently, practice differently...I feel like the work I did during that course was a major turning point in my life and I am have so much gratitude because of it.

Om Shanti, Anita ( Liana Yip ), Canada
My contact email: liana_82_@hotmail.com or lyip@my.adler.edu

My experiences in India studying for my advanced teacher training (AYTTC) under Yogi Sivadas were phenomenal. I grew so much as both a yoga teacher and a person. Sivadas has a well rounded program that challenged my mind and body. His studio is beautiful with an unreal view of Mcleodganj (often including large eagles swooping by and monkeys hanging out on the porch).

ot only did I learn yoga from Sivadas, but I also had the opportunity to take classes in Ayurvedic massage, sound healing, and Reiki. My absolute favorite thing that Yogi Sivadas has to offer is amazing guided meditations. Overall, I learned so much at Kailash School and would highly recommend any of Yogi Sivadas' classes.

Ann Swanson (RYT500)
Virginia, USA

I went to India to learn more about the philosophy and psychology of yoga from an Indian teacher. I also wanted to improve my own physical practice. Sivadas gave me all of that and more. He is a warm and welcoming man with experience and knowledge which he shares through his well-told stories.

I was challenged and supported equally. My experience at Kailash Tribal School was perfect. I would recommend it and consider going back for additional training in the future. Namaste.

Kris Slugg, USA

Thank you for an amazing AYTT. Your lectures on Yoga philosophy and Patanjali's Sutras were extremely thorough...exactly what I was looking for.

I really appreciate the care and concern you had for my health and well-being throughout the course.

Lori Manske, USA

Yogi Sivadas will implore you to challenge your every assumption, to question your every expectation, to rediscover the very freedom from hegemony and ideology that is your godgiven birthright. To study with Sivadas is to uncover the self, the self that millenia of cultural brainwashing has laboured and laboured to sunder from every one of us. Yogi Sivadas will frustrate you, and anger you.

He does this so that you can finally be you. To join his programme and to follow it diligently is to receive the greatest that one can: the freedom to discover a self free from the culture that systematically and nefariously has replaced any sense of unfiltered truth. Yogi Sivadas is generous and kind. But he is not easy.

He makes a virtue of difficulty in order to deprogram his students from the constrictions we erroneously take for granted. Actualization is not easy. But Yogi Sivadas will show you how to embark on this difficult path. A path that every one of us owe's ourselves. Trust him and he will show you how to trust yourself ethically, to trust yourself like you never thought you could."

All Best, & Namaste,

Dr. Jason S Polley
Assistant Professor
Dept of English Language & Literature
Hong Kong Baptist University
Kowloon Tong, Hong Kong

Yogi Sivadas brings a lifetime of study and seemingly many lifetimes worth of real-world experience to bear on questions both universal and personal. It's not just a series of yoga classes or a set of yoga teacher instruction manuals, it's a complete physical, philosophical and spiritual guide to life. You'll return home with the wisdom to apply his teachings in your own life and, better still, you'll have all the tools necessary to teach others. I can't imagine a better, more inspiring, or more practically valuable training program.

Charlie Coglianese (Dinesh)
29, New York

The 28 day program was a challenging and life changing event, the amount of knowledge I learned really helped me to not only learn more about the philosophy of yoga but about myself, learning to meditate and pranyama. Yogi Sivadas was an excellent teacher who is very knowledgeable in the philosophy of yoga and taught me the patience I needed for myself in my own practice and thus helps me to be patient when teaching others. I would recommend this course to anyone who is interested as you will be about to begin a new and exciting phase of your life.

McNulty, Brian (MGS)
Ontario, Canada

I have studied with Yogi Sivadas Reiki Master Degree and Ayurvedic massage. I was inspired by his wide knowledge of Ayurveda and Meditation. He lives his life in Himalayas, being focused on spreading his amazing knowledge and skills. I have also attended to some of his Yoga classess, in beautifully located school in Mcleod Ganj. I was always very rejuvenated and relaxed after those sessions, which taught me the real meaning of Yoga, the presence and awareness. Sivadas classes are very versatile, everybody can find spirituality in his school. Thank you Sivadas.

With love,


If you find your here and now intolerable and it makes you unhappy, you have three options: remove yourself from the situation, change it, or accept it totally.Then accept the consequences. No excuses. No negativity. No psychic pollution. Keep your inner space clear. Eckhart Tolle.

Eryk Nisarga
physiotherapy & bodywork
mob (+48)795278809

I joined YTTC200 in March.2011. Really it was great experience for me I learnt a lot of things from Sivadas. Nobody teach me yoga philosophy, Patanjali's Sutra before. I liked his class so much and it was with nice members as well I never forget that. I can start bright new life Thank you Yogi Sivadas.

I will have own Yoga class soon and I will visit Dharamsala every year for improve my skill. I would love to join kailash tribal school again. Dhalamsala is my second home town now. I really appreciated.

Namaste !

Keiko Kuwahara
(spiritual name:Shanti)

Email: ikumac993@msn.com

I completed the 200 hour YTT at Kailash Tribal School in March 2011, and can easily recommend it to anyone who is looking to go deeper in their understanding of the history and tradition of yoga, the philosophy, and practical application. Yogi Sivadas is a well studied wealth of information, eager to empower people to practice in a way that is practical and sustainable for their individual bodies and lifestyle. I definitely feel like a more well rounded yogi after having completed the course, and am grateful for the teaching I received there. Not to mention the beauty of Dharamsala, what an incredible place to spend a month.

Lacey Dumler. USA.

It's hard to put into words my experience at the Kailash Tribal Yoga School. The transformation that happened during my advanced yoga teacher training program was both physical, mental and spiritual. Yogi Sivadas provided the most informative, inspiring and fun environment that allowed all of the students to work and live to their highest potential. One of my fellow trainees said he will forever hear our teacher's voice in his head when challenging times in yoga and life come up and I second that! It's been a gift to be surrounded by the mountains, by such an incredible community of students and of course to be led by our wonderful teacher, Yogi Sivadas. I am so excited to bring all that I've learned and the love and light from India back to my students.
In gratitude.

Sarah Coleman

I chose Kailash school of yoga for my 200h teacher training mostly based on intuition, and it turned out to be the best choice I could have made. The studio has the same good vibes as I expected from looking at the photos, which is a reflection of the atmosphere of the whole course. Yogi Sivadas is not only very knowledgeable of all things yoga, but also open-minded, kind and he has a great sense of humour. During the course I learned a lot and also laughed a lot.

I felt that the size of the group was ideal to maximize learning. We quickly gained the confidence to teach and had the chance to ask any question on our minds, and we got plenty of personal corrections to our asana practice. In addition to this personal attention I also appreciated the balance between the different elements of the course. What Yogi Sivadas teaches is yoga far beyond fitness, but at the same time his knowledge of anatomy is very precise. I really hope to return to Mcleodganj one day!

Cora S. (Norway)

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